The Bass Monsters #5

USA saved the day when we felt an urge to revisit the wonderful, wicked world of the Bass Monsters.

Cymek (USA) – What You Gon Do

Slamming percussion and sirens screaming as Cymek enters our air space to cause havoc. We’ve covered Cymek before, and he continues to deliver those barking mad bass heavy growls.

Dirty, greasy, urban, dark and futuristic:

This is the real cyberpunk soundtrack. And Cymek master this art like a true Matrix deserter.

INTRASoL (USA) – Dark Hollow

And the slow paced madness continues with the assistance from this fellow brethren, INTRASoL.

See, this is perhaps the main reasons I love these kind of tracks. It’s not just the brutal bass – that’s found in many genres;

it’s the slow pacing.

It drags itself across the floor like a mortally wounded creature once too powerful to handle, now a vulnerable shadow of itself.

A beast from the future thrown into the past via a rift in time, a corridor mankind better get closed again before it’s too late.

Both of these are rumbling about with the other bass heavy creatures on our Spotify playlist, “The Mass Monsters” where only the baddest of the bass class is featured. Worth giving a spin!