The Beach Lounge #25

My personal preferences leans heavily towards the instrumentals. But here’s three new downtempo tracks from the top shelf that all feature vocals. And they have all quickly became current favourites of mine!

Metapoetry (Ukraine) – Local Me (Trastler remix)

First out, a track that really took me by storm. You know, those instances where you hear something you instantly click with? This was such a moment for me.

I love the rather rough, gritty production from a technical perspective. That bass? Brutal. But it works! And likewise with the vocals, a gritty vibe that almost drowns it – but only just.
Great vocals too. Fits the vibe of the track perfectly.

And the dreamy arrangement, like waves. Yeah. This is one track I’ll play again. And again. And again. Like lazy waves rolling against the seafront.

Wheel (Sweden) – Numeral

There’s something about languages that I do not understand that is just so intriguing to me.
Generally speaking I much prefer instrumental music. I like to focus on the instuments, the abstract atmospheres. But when the words are intellible, vocals becomes like another instrumental layer. Perfect.

And the atmosphere here really is perfect for a lounge session at a place where only the right people hang.

Recognited (Sweden) – Run run

We remain in Sweden for the third vocal lead track of today. And we round off with a slightly darker and more dramatic arrangement. With a gorgeous, deep progression that pushes all the right buttons in me.

And again – I really like the vocal performance. And that sax? What can I say… Rarely have I ever heard a sax work better in a club track than here. It just blends perfectly into this gem of a production.

All three are added to our quite exquisite Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect nothing but the finest downtempo releases as we discover them. Suitable for any beach lounge and chill session worth attending.