The Beach Lounge #26

The dark winter is really grabbing us by the balls here in Norway now, with ice cold winds howling outside as I type this. What better moment can there possibly be to dream our ways off to warmer lands, and our imaginary Beach Lounge.

Der Waldläufer (Germany) – Cel

I love the bass in this one. Just long notes, uncomplicated, padding the bottom with a soft, fulfilling bass. Sometimes simpler is better.

And the rest of the arrangement follows that same unpretentious flair. Not unsophisticated, by all means, this is rather tender elegance at its finest.

But it’s the groove, the atmosphere that is the focal point here. And nothing gets in the way of that.
I think that’s why I love instrumentals so much.

Thomas James White (United Kingdom) – Arnofio

The gentle vibes continues with Thomas’ latest creation. Oh, the tender arrangement! So dreamy, so floating, so incredibly… Beautiful.

Like waves it washes over us, carry us with it, taking us to places of beauty. Of wonder. Of peace.

To be honest I think this track could work just as well without any drum track at all. We don’t need it. We just want to ride the wave provided by this utterly cinematic and trippy creation.

I want to be a seashell in my next life.

Valdman (Russia) – If I Could feat. Iva

There’s definitely more drama in our last one for today, from Valdman. Builds like a madman. No doubt that this is made by a producer that knows his EDM.

But just as it threatens to break into something of a dance track, it rather retracts to the basic vibe again. Luckily.

And the massive arrangement is quite seductive in all its grande musical language.

All three are added to our really quite exquisite Spotify playlist named “Beach Lounge“, where we have collected only the finest tracks for a seductive evening, or just a chill night with good friends. Do it.