The Deep Lounge #26

This might possibly be the first time we have a Deep Lounge session featuring only tracks from outside Europe and North America. And definitely the first with two Turkish artists!

Muriq (Australia) – In The Dark

The title is very promising. In The Dark. We like our club tracks as dark as the premises.

And the vocals – as bright and delightful as they are – still hold some of that darkness supported by the deep vibe from the rest of the track.
Some might argue the vocals are a tad too heavily autotuned, I would, but it works.

This is also one of those tracks where, despite the vocals totally working for me, I think it also would have worked perfectly without them.

It holds a lovely groove that totally stands on its own.

Cenkk & Dogus Cihan (Turkey) – Calling U

Here’s another vocal lead groover of a track. Lovely vibe. Repetitious arrangement, just how we like it. And with that ever important progression that sneaks up on us in the background.

And when it breaks down to almost nothing – full silence – well then I’m onboard. I dig breaks that totally resets the soundscape.

A track that can work both as background vibe in a lounge setting as well as a floor filler!

Ozgur Uzar (Turkey) – Humanity

Rounding off todays session with another contribution from Turkey. And these are far from the first Turks I’ve covered here on Beatradar – in fact I am amazed by what seems to be a very active underground club scene down there.

Quite upbeat, this one would land towards the end of my Deep House set, had I been spinning this night.
A deep, tight bass and a groove that means business, “get your ass out of that chair… NOW!”.

And we do.

This track is also perfect to use as a foundation in a mix, adding other tracks and acapellas on top. It really begs to be played with. Do it!

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge“, where all the deep, dark grooves are collected. Weekly updated for years now, it has proven itself to be a reliable source for new discoveries!