The Deep Lounge #27

It’s time to go deep again. Here’s two particularly good examples of recent Deep House releases.

Evan Hatfield (USA) – It’s Midnight (Otm Shank Remix)

It gives me a lovely association of how Tribal House used to be, this one. A Fantastic percussive groove.

And that exotic string instrument featured? Gives such a personal touch over the track. Makes you remember it.

And it’s just perfect how the different layers are swirling themselves in and out of the focal point, in and out, back and forth… Hypnotic. There’s just something about tracks that’s created by experienced clubbers.
And I do not know mr Shank myself, but I can just tell he’s one.

This one should be a delight for all his fellow clubber species.

Loverground (UK) – Whatever Happens, Happens (Henrik Villard Remix)

Next up, a track with a seductively deep groove that suits the classy lounge sessions just as well as the dancefloor at quality house clubs.

I also think this is a good example of how a deep house track actually benefits from not having a lead melody. Just a set of chords rotating on the pads, some intriguing vocal samples, and the rest is just good old-fashioned house GROOVE.

This is a head bopper if we ever heard one.

Both of these nuggets are added to our purse of House gold collected in our Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“. A list that has proven itself to be a reliable source for new, great deep house discoveries.