The Progressive Underground #16

Finally I can share with you some new proghouse goodness! And boy do I have a treat for you today. One massive steamroller of a house track, and the other with central Asian vibes. Yeah. And both with that progressive drive we love. Great!

Kanas (Italy) – Tango From Mars

Noisy, loud, big. That’s how I prefer my prog house.
And that’s what’s served here, in spades. Loops upon loops, building in a steady progression.

I also like how Kanas is not in any way shy of cranking up the reverbs here, leaving a juicy trail of wet synth goodness behind. And that synth lead that sounds like an almost jazzy improvisation midway? Perfect.

Perhaps a tad heavy on the side-chain effect, but we’ll forgive that when the totality is as cool as this.

QARAQOOM (Uzbekistan) – Dream of wanderer

There’s been times in the past where I have asked myself, “have we featured a track from <insert name of country> before?”. And I may even have been wrong a few times.

But this time I am as sure as I can be: No way we’ve ever featured a proghouse track from… Uzbekistan!

I hate to admit it, but this is a country I know nothing about. I really don’t. But judging from this track there’s a fairly solid club scene there – possibly of a quite underground nature?

Asian elements in dance music is so incredibly powerful, and luckily the central Asian vibe is very much present in this track. That only makes it even more epic.

This is one track I’d so totally push at peak hours if I were still a proghouse DJ. It would have been a delight to see how the floor responded.

Both of these are added to our Spotify playlist with proper proghouse tracks, “The Progressive Underground“, where we collect only the finest underground tracks as we discover them. A reliable source for new, great proghouse discoveries!