This Is Techno #10

Let’s make some noise! Here’s three gritty, massive, noisy, biiiig techno tracks primed for peak hour.

Feyln (Canada) – Swine

Slightly acidic this one, but luckily not too much. A big slammer of a track, made for those insane moments when you forget time and place.

I would describe this as melodic enough to have a quite wide appeal, while still being underground enough for the hardcore crowd.

Elso (Germany)- Time Travel

A really classic main hall stomp on this next one, from Germany. Dark, driving, hypnotic. If we restrict the definition of “time” to be the last two decades I’d call this one “timeless”.

I bet it will stand the test of time well.

Township Rebellion (Germany) – Signal

We’re staying in Germany for our final track of today’s session. A real Berliner techno-duo, taking me straight to the smaller clubs of our techno capital.

There’s drama in this arrangement. And despite being mechanical and industrial, there’s an element of organic life in this track, something that makes it really stand out. This is no brainless machine, it has intelligence.

And it’s out to get us.

All three are added to our quite sensual Spotify playlist, “THIS Is Techno“, where you find the biggest, baddest techno tracks. Suitable for those occations where you need tracks with a PUNCH.