Ambient Universe #88

Two earthly soundscapes and one ethereal, is what I have in store for you today in our Ambient Universe.

Deo Autem Nihil (USA) – Sollemnis

Sometimes, all we need is an harmonic, quite piece. And that’s exactly what we get here.

But without getting too streamlined, too melodic. It rather feels like a more open-ended composition, where I perceive the gentle keys to be more about chords and harmonics than to follow a melodic pattern.

A really beautiful piece.

Lite Fails (Australia) – On A Clear Day

I feel this next release shares a lot with the above track, only with a guitar providing the lead instrumentation.

Although it is pushing a bit harder over on the experimental side: What are those field recordings really of? The soundscape here really tickles my curiosity. I hear everything from steps to wooden machinery, rain and crafting of… Something.

I dig stuff like that.

RAF21 & Joran Elane (France/Germany) – 67

It’s quite rare that we feature ambient with vocals here on Beatradar. But that’s not because I have something against it – not when it’s used like this, as an abstract instrument.

While the first two were quite bound to earth, I feel this last track for today might take us up into space. There’s something very large about this track. And ethereal. Something out of this world. There’s also an element of drama here.

Something is about to happen.

All three are added to our quite excellent ambient playlist on Spotify: Ambient Universe. A playlist that has proven itself to be a reliable source for new, great ambient discoveries.