And now, for something completely different

Every now and then I stumble across tracks that doesn’t really fit into any of our regular columns, but they are too cool to dismiss. Here’s two of that kind: One bass monster, and one charmer of a track that holds every genre in existence. Almost.

Sharrol Kelby & Hübac (USA) – Boomerang

There’s something about slooow, monstrous basses and shattered arrangements that I so totally dig. They are just so different from the sleek, deep beats we usually cover here on Beatradar. They are so FUN. Like a little guy who pretends to be dangerous but is just adorable.

And the unpredicted madness is just max attractive. As illustrated by this heavy rumbler.

Shinra Knives (USA) – Girl Missing

Here’s an interesting track.

Interesting, because I have rarely ever heard a track that to THIS extent crossover to a multitude of genres. There’s traces of chillout/downtempo, techno, ambient, deep tech, lounge, experimental, UK Garage, drum’n’bass…
And I dig every minute of it.

But from a playlister perspective, where do we place such a track? It fits everywhere and nowhere.
Fascinating. I guess some music are just made to be enjoyed for what it is.


We added Boomerang to our Bass Monsters:

… While Girl Missing was added to our “Electronica Outskirts” playlist, where we place all those tracks that’s hard to pinpoint but easy to love. Give it a spin, I can almost guarantee you some really cool discoveries.