Breaking The Records #7

The madness of it all. That’s what I miss in Breakbeat today. It’s too sweet and gentle. Melodic tip-toes that dangles around with some complex beat patterns but all in a family friendly wrapping.

No. I want it BIG. LOUD. MASSIVE. Like these two:

Squired & Cerdin (USA/Canada) – Proxy

THIS!!! Is what I am talking about. The big, gritty, distorted, dark, doomed, postapocalyptic audioscapes. Proudly carrying the heritage from classic acts like Prodigy and Stanton Warriors, these guys are pulling no punches.

One could perhaps argue that the overdrive is a tad too prominent here – and normally I would agreee – but here it just fits the vibe. This is one massive pile of grit and we dive straight into it with glee.

Kadyn Webster (New Zealand) – UR!

My sub almost push me out of the studio here now. It is… Violently loud down there. And when it comes to breaks we like violence.

Starting out calm before the storm, this track is one big riser. Perfect opener for any breakbeat set. And just like the first track today it holds what I perceive as timeless qualities. There’s more than one nod towards the club scene of the 90s, all while maintaining a current vibe that will stay so for a long time. Mark my words.

Both of these beauties are added to our Spotify playlist, “Breaking The Records“, where we collect only the biggest and baddest tracks on the breakbeat scene.