The Ambient Universe #89

The longest lasting column on Beatradar, The Ambient Universe once again invites you to explore the latest and greatest in drone ambient.

Akasaka (Norway) – Astron

A grande opening of todays session, and it’s of course of a particular excitement for me to find a fellow Norwegian behind the wheels of this flagship of a creation.

A transient, distant, massive atmosphere engulf us, an introduction to a universe of colours and wonder.
A travel where we are the exclusive passengers, left in awe and fascination.

Paul Cousins (United Kingdom) – Afterimage

There’s too little glitch in ambient productions.

I mean, just listen to this – a demonstration of how well it can work. A looped sequence using 2 reel-to-reel tape machines, with a 58 inch tape loop running between them. Fluctuations in machine speed creates an asynchronous conversation which results in a meditative soundscape.

And really, it’s the simplicity of it all that is the strength of this track. It makes the experimental element shine more explicitly.

This track is created in a lab I’d love to visit.

Basstakil (Russia) – Birds Of Heaven

We round off this session with a visit over to our big neighbour to the east.

And like the first track we again are met by a massive soundscape. A pulsating darkness saves this track from being too much of a New Age “birds and waters” vibe. Instead we are served a futuristic, almost post-apocalyptic atmosphere where a certain abstract threat is lingering.

Are we even on earth here? I think not.
This is somewhere far, far away. And we’re all in for it.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the most extraordinary new ambient releases from around the globe.