The Ambient Universe #90

It’s time for the Ambient Universe – UK Edition! Three ambient artists from out beloved group of islands here in northern Europe.

Kevin Kerrigan (United Kingdom) – Adrift

Kevin has the honour of opening today’s session with this calm, stringy affair. Quiet long wabes, lulling us into that balanced state of bliss we so often wish we could be in more often.

It’s a simple construction, this one. One could perhaps argue a tad too simple, but sometimes all we need is a quiet moment of harmony. And harmonies, well that’s what’s devlivered here. In spades.

And we like it.

The Howard Hughes Suite (United Kingdom) – Lake Of Dreams

One could say we continue a bit in a similar vein, however this arrangement holds more layers and shifting motifs.

I especially likes what I beleive to be a tape effect being used here, adding some analogue and slightly rustic atmosphere to the piece – making it come more to life.

And when that pedal steel enters the soundscape… Oh yes.
It’s perfect.

Ravver (United Kingdom) – So Much Left To Say

We’ve mentioned simple arrangements, and we could say this track here is anything but. A lot going on in this work, while luckily maintaining a low energy level. An early morning, dark and urban vibe is what I receive from this.

Dirty backyards, worn out hotel rooms…

I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything quite like this, and that fascinated me. All sorts of field recordings and weird little details are found in the soundscape here, on top of a hoover bass that’s twirling underneath. living each their own lives really, while at the same time being part of the same universe.

And intriguing track.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where only the finest pieces of new ambient releases are collected. It has long proven itself to be a reliable source for new discoveries.