The Beach Lounge #27

The quiet atmosphere of the season has sunk over our eminent imaginary Beach Lounge, and here’s three new downtempo tracks to maintain the good vibe through the holiday.
Chill, bro’. Chill.

Golden Flora (USA) – Blue Trip

It’s quite rare that we come across tracs that’s too slow for our lounge, but this track here was dangerously close at being so. It really, really drags itself across the floor.

But the gorgeous vocals and spliffy arrangement (yeah) made it something not to be skipped.

I really love the vibe here.

Hidden Rivers (United Kingdom) – Golden Age Of Dereliction

Next up is actually a quite dark track.
There’s a certain early morning vibe here. Rainy, lonely. Admittedely not quite the vibe we seek for our lounge, but there’s just something about this whole arrangement with the gorgeous bass synth as the focal point that just so totally fetched my attention and did not let go.

One could also argue there’s certain element of sensualism over the sly bass. And that’s not something to decline for our lounge.

Anatolian Sessions & Evelynka (Turkey/USA) – Undómiel

Here’s a collab you don’t see too often: Tukey and the US united. And with great results!

Anatolian Sessions can tell us, “I had a lot of enjoy with this collabration. Undómiel was inspired by The Lord of the Rings It is a story of love of Arwen & Arago”.

And we are ramping up the tempo now, to something that is definitely foctional also on the dance floor. But we are still on the chill side of the vibes. This is however quite the perfect track for a transition later in the evening, when we go from lounging to dancing.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest tracks of a chill nature. A sweet range of delicious downtempo awaits!