The Deep Lounge

I have two remarkably different tracks for you today – both compared to each other and related to what is usually picked for this blog. I really can’t go more into detail in this quick summary – check’em out!

Jabzz Dimitri & Leo Guardo feat. Priscilla (South Africa) – Broken Melodies

There’s something about the hook of this vocal performance that just instantly grabbed me.
And that really says something cause generally speaking I can’t stand singing in house music. Not the traditional “pop” way. Too mainstream.

But here?

Man, I would not want it any other way. The track is also really well mixed, sounds like a million dollars.

A track primed to be played on the largest of clubs! Even the real ones, for the underground crowd. And I really mean that. It’d work as the track that spiced up the set.

Shunus (United Kingdom) – Lost & Found

Speaking of different than what I usually pick – how about this one?!
A Deep House track with bluesy guitar riffs, jazzy horns… and some really retro vibed funky vocals! WTF?

But hear it out – it grooves! In a very peculiar way.
The entire production, in the context of this blog, is really quite something else.

But there’s something about the absurd combo of the mentioned classic vibes and modern dance production that leaves me pretty damn fascinated.

I can’t say I’ve ever heard something quite like this! Have you?

Both are added to our lovely Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge” where we collect only the deepest, grooviest house tracks from the underground scene.