The Underground House Bunker #14

Three fantastic new house tracks today. Deep, dark, intense and definitely underground. Welcome to our Underground House Bunker.

HXV (USA) – Dance No More

Oh man, this so totally takes me down deep into the wee hours of the morning, at a place so dark, so steamy that we struggle with the orientation on where the bar is, or the toilets, or the exit or anything really.

But we don’t care. Because right now, right here, the DJ is making the floor BONKERS with the deep tech grooves that throw us into a state of hypnosis.

This is a track I would DIE for back when I was DJing the underground clubs of Oslo. That this one is not to be found on Beatport is a scandal. No less.

Daniel Orpi (Spain) – New Reality

We jump over to the other side of the pond for the next one, a gorgeous underground groover from Spain.

The tight bass slams like it should, and establish a vibe that is just perfect for dance floor sessions. Tailor made of the groovy clubby nights.

There’s just something special about Spanish house – it often has a certain flair of funky playfulness in the arrangement.
As so powerfully demonstrated right here.

GS5 (USA) – President

That’s not to say that USA lags far behind on the groove’o’meter, now represented by GS5. Maybe the most minimal vibe of the three, with that minimal electro vibe that’s been going on over at the alternative underground scene for quite a while now here in Norway, it’s also a track that really triggers my DJ instinct.

It just begs to be mixed and played with in a creative DJ session.

All three are added to our strictly underground House playlist on Spotify, “The Underground House Bunker“. A well proven and reliable source for new, fresh underground beats.