Ambient Universe #91

Today we present an ambient collaboration from each their continents: the German Ext Sleep and Argentinian Plasma Rüby. The result is quite an eventful exploration of their intriguing soundscape.

Ext Sleep & Plasma Rüby – Väst

It really is quite the astonishing sound design at play here. Fantastic images aplenty, with a gorgeous transformation from one scenery to the next.

It’s dark, futuristic, melancholic. Solemn.
And how about the fascinating things going on in the background here, across the entire stereo field?

For some reason I am transported to a dock area here. Distant howls from the sea, large ships along the dockside. I can smell the polluted salt and rotten seaweed.

It really is a trip spanning across the 4 minutes and 40 seconds it lasts. It could have kept going longer, easily.

A fantastic discovery.

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