Ambient Universe #93

We stay within Europe in this edition of Ambient Universe, where we explore the excellent works of German and Italian ambient artists.

Silence In Taubach (Germany) – Closer To Destiny

There is movement in this piece. An element of drama. Massive harmonies rolling across the huge soundscape. Expectations running high. A new encounter? A ship at sea, seeking a new harbor? A starship entering a new sector?

A signal is sent, and we leave the scenario as the crew waits for the response…

Let us hope it is of a friendly nature.

Lehel P. (Italy) – tassidermia notturna

The next track is quite a different type of ambient. Less melodic, a lower energy, perhaps slightly more experimental as we enter the world of Lehel P. from Italy.

Definitely futuristic, this one takes me into a dormant space station. It’s dark, quiet, but not lifeless.
The technologies are all in order, serving the life forms as designed.

A track perfect to fall asleep to. Enter cryosleep. Safe travels, my friend. See you at the destination.

Both are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we add great new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one trustworthy source for new ambient discoveries.