The Beach Lounge #28

There is a place we all want to materialise someday. A beach bar. A bit outside the beaten path, a place where you need to know about. A place with only the right kind of people. Our people.

Here’s three recently released tracks that we would have played there.

The Last Space Travellers (Poland) – Chasing The Breath

Here’s a track that that is spot on on the vibe I seek for this column. Drifting, quiet, harmonic, and with a hint of an exotic fragrance gently filling the air.
And that vocal sample, the “wrrrahhh”? Oooh yes. I feel it.

This is honestly a track I could have had running on repeat in the background for a very long time. In fact I already have.

Kris Vango & Day Spa (Australia) – Work It Out

This next one is really quite something. Further over on the leftfield side of things than what I usually pick for this column, but sometimes one need something different. And there’s just something here that I find simply irresistible.
Such an exciting soundscape. Experimental but accessible. Like exploring a remote destination for the very first time.


Uhohk (USA) – You Know I

Rounding off with a track that is quite upbeat, but still has a loungy vibe.

The house groove is real though. It wakes you up.
I would have played this one towards the end of the set at our imaginary Beach Lounge. Just as we prepare ourselves to venture forth into the clubbing night.

And if that’s too soon for you, then please check out the other tracks on our excellent playlist too:

All three are added to our smooth sailin’ Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge” where we maintain the list we would have played at our beach lounge.
All that’s missing now is the lounge.