The Beach Lounge

There’s been a lot of really good downtempo tracks released recently. The kind that makes you wind down, relax, and focus on the positive things in life.
Here’s three of the best examples of that kind.

Sleep Surgeon (UK) – Midnight

This one is so slow it’s even slow in the context of this column. And incredibly dreamy. It floats out across an endless ocean of harmonic well-being.

This track carries everything that’s good on its shoulders. Like a winged saint, an embodied spirit who hovers weightlessly above us and scatter her dust all over us.
And we inhale. And Space out.

I know the track is something special when I have to fight against the urge to just close my eyes and lean back when I write this. Oh how well their band name fits.

Kepler North (USA) – Whisper

For me it’s all the different samples of accoustic instruments and voices (check the break!!) that makes this track something really special. It’s so cool.

And of course – it’s chill. I’m smiling blissfully as the relaxed beat fills our office.

A fantastic track and artist to discover.

Spectateur (France) – Lazy Boy (feat. Tehu)

So I warned you – I were going to show you three of the best recent downtempo releases. And what do you say about this one for a chill vibe?

Classic looped house track that takes me back to many a chill evening through the decades. There’s something irresisitbly timeless about this formula. It just doesn’t get old.

That’s not to say this track doesn’t hold unique qualities. It’s excellently arranged and mixed, with a lot of character.

A track to remember.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge”, where we collect only the finest chill tracks as we discover them. Well worth adding to your playlist collection!