The Deep Lounge #29

There’s no groove like the deep groove. And here’s three recent releases, well suited to be discovered by those of you who seek to refill your collection with only the finest beats.
These will move your crowd.

F3LIX A. (Italy) – Dangerous

This track is one of my current favourites within this genre. It has that perfect timeless deep and minimal house groove that makes me recall all those clubbing memories over the years, good times in great company.

And it is really well mixed by someone who knows what it is about:
Percussion upfront, everything else padded to the background. No sharp highs. Smooth as silk. Excellent.
This track is prepped to be played LOUD.

And it should. Do it!

Rode Zayas (Chile) – Public Stranger

Next up is a dark, techy groove from Chile. Classic minimal house groove.

The kind of beat we want to hear both early and very late in the night. At that special after party, invited only, and recreational drugs allowed. At least unofficially.

We’d be there.

Bruvs (USA) – Gliese

The last track of today has a bit more chaotic arrangement than what I usually pick. I could have wished for a bit less of the melodic elements here, to be honest.

But it is the originality of the track is the main attraction. It’s different. And the percussive groove of this track is just so right.

And different is cool in our book.

The first two are added to our excellent playlist, “Deep Lounge”, where we collect only the finest deep grooves for the elegant lounge house sessions. “Gliese” were added to our slightly more energetic but equally excellent “Underground House Bunker”. Both lists are found on Spotify.