The Deep Lounge #30

Here’s two new great tracks for our Sunday lounging. One minimal house track with a seductive bassline, the other a deep groover for the beautiful sunsets.

Taioh-$an (USA) – Darling

Sometimes, all you need is a hook.

As so elegantly demonstrated here. One arpeggiated bassline and one single note from a pad in the background. So delicately simple, so seductively groovy.

And the thing is, you can’t just do this. The components in the dish has to be of exquisite quality, perfectly matching each other.

As they do here.

Hellove (Estonia) – Slow Ride

I’ve been running this blog too long now to really having all represented countries memorised, but I am totally sure that there’s not many Estonian artists covered before.
But here we have one, and man what a lovely groove.

First off, let’s appreciate how it sounds. The mix here sits like a steel nail in solid wood. Rock solid.

And the smooth vibe invites us to visions of sunsets, good friends and not a worry in the world.

This one is just perfect for our deep lounge sessions.

Two great tracks that are added to our Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest deep house beats as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is a reliable source for new discoveries!