The Underground House Bunker #15

Hey, underground deejays! Here’s a bouquet of recently released house tracks you might want to give a spin.

Julien Vertigo (Switzerland) – Flying Above the Ocean (AlexC. Remix)

Here’s a progressive house track with an utterly classic drive. A bit further over on the melodic side than what I usually go for, but there was something retro about this track that took me right back to many a late clubbing night.

Had I been behind the decks with this one I’d push up the BPM a good chunk, it is dragging along a tad too slowly. But that’s what the tempo slider is for, isn’t it 😉

Either way it’s well suited for early in a set, for a gentle start on an euphoric night!

The Magician & Kolombo (Belgium) – Doo Doo Ratata (Club Fever Part. 2)

We are diving deeper into the pool of underground goodness with this next one, from Belgium. A deep, techy and minimal track with such a corny vocal sample, we can’t avoid smiling.

But the groove here is just so seductive. And with it, the vocal ratata slowly transforms from corny to catchy.

And we are with it all the way.

Andre Salmon (Ecuador) & RN ISMO (USA) – Melting Head (feat Cami Jones)

Rounding off with this beauty of a house track. So bouncy, so funky that my knees can’t stop jumping underneath the studio table I am typing this from.

And it has that particular “underground” vibe. This is for the house lovers. This track preaches to the choir – and the message is loud and clear.

And how about that break?!

… Yeah I know. Hot dayyyymn! The chaos. Pure gold. Clubbers gold.

The last two are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker” where we collect only the finest underground house tracks as we discover them.

While the vibe of “Flying Above the Ocean” made it suitable for our “The Progressive Underground”: