This Is Techno #12

Happy new year! We celebrate the turn to a new year with proper techno beats. Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Because, well… You know…

Directional Influence (USA) – Complete Lack Of Consensus (The Book Of Revelation)

First out is a track so underground that it’s not even on Spotify. A shame really, cause it’s a track worth playing on all platforms.

A chaotic, anarchistic slammer of a track. Never breaking out into something cheesy, only hovering on that deep dark underground floor.

A groove that triggers the primal instincts in us all. This is one for our tribe.

Autow Nite Superstore & Die Arkitekt (Greece) – Sometimes It’s Bad

And the darkness continues in this one, from Greece. Sometimes it may indeed be bad – but this is not it. This is the track to make us forget the bad shit going on, if only for 4.5 minutes.

And how about that tribal vibe! Ah man how I love percussive work like this in my dark electronica. It’s insanely effective.
It also makes me realise how much I miss true, deep tribal house – but that’s for another blogpost. 🙂

We’ve added “Sometimes It’s Bad” to our Spotify playlist “THIS is Techno”, where only the big, loud peak hour material is collected as we discover them. Well worth following if you’re after new talents on the scene.