Ambient Universe #95

Double Finnish in this session of Ambient Universe! Together with a composition from the USA we have three excellent new releases that knows how to trigger our imagination.

Remrao (Finland) – Cold Dawn

Maybe it is because I know this one is from Finland, maybe it is the title that guides me, but I find the soundscape here to be refreshingly and seductively cold. Cold like our European neighbors way up north.

Peaceful, quiet, harmonic. Just like Finland.

Ambient Indigo (Finland) – Chalchiuhtlicue

We start out even darker in this next one, while remaining in Finland. The colossal bass had our studio rumbling as we listened here. But what starts out quite dark evolves into something of a brighter nature, and we should prepare ourselves for quite the trip.

Because, shortly thereafter we find ourselves amidst of a buzzing street in a distant location, before taking off again, gliding effortlessly to the next stop on our travels.

And when the piano enters the sound stage towards the end, our journey ends in an exotic paradise. The home of souls and emotions.

What an utterly cinematic track.

Blue Crystal Star (USA) – Principles of Peace

We round off this session with a classic ambient arrangement of long pads in slow harmonics. The same three chords, over and over, maintaining that hypnotic aura we seek in this genre.

But as if often the case with ambient, it’s what goes on in the background that I find most interesting. It adds depth to any track. Like a third axis is added.

And here this space is filled with peaceful raindrops in a crowded – presumably urban – location. Scattered snippets of vocals blends perfectly in with the totality and quite literary adds life to the whole composition.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where all our greatest finds are added as we discover them. Zero beats, guaranteed.