Ambient Universe #94

Come with me on a new journey through the wonderful universe of Ambient music. Music for space travellers.

Highland Park Sleep Collective (USA) – Jupiter 285

Soft bells. Distant pads. Gentle movements. Yup, this is as ambient as it is possible to get. Gentle streams of tender droplets of harmonies are calming our minds.

We’ve covered Highland Park Sleep Collective before, and surely we will do so again. Because this is music for the heart and mind, as indeed is how they themselves describe their creations.

But don’t fall asleep just yet! I have more to show you first:

T0nkaya_natura (Russia) – After Us

Things becomes significantly darker when we now take a jump over to Russia, where this gem of a track is produced.

Less melodic, more experimental. With such intriguing details in the bleak soundscape. And to be honest: If I had to choose just one ambient direction to listen to, if my life depended on it, then I’d go for non-melodic dark ambient of this calibre.

There’s just something about the futuristic mental images it triggers that I can never grow tired of. I can travel endlessly into the deepest of space, all alone, with the deadly cold just outside my fragile spacecraft shell.

Or, stay hidden in the post-apocalyptic chaos of a demolished city and the mutated lifeforms therein.
I have three bullets left. Better make them count.

Dear Gravity & We Dream of Eden (USA) – Sojourn

But I don’t want to impose nightmares on you. So I will round off this session by setting the course towards the wonderful soundscape of this beauty.

It sounds like the closing credits theme, the scene after the drama is concluded and all went well. The hero and her new found lover can glide into the sunset while the nation cheers. In true US fashion.

But let me not get too carried away here. I do not mean to mock the track. Quite the contrary. The arrangement here is just so well performed, the slow progression through soft colours and gentle touches while whispering angels watches over you. A dream of Eden.

And if you don’t fall into sweet dreams with this track rolling in the background then I do feel a bit worried about you.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where only the finest new ambient is added as we discover it. Weekly updated for years now, this is one list that’s proven itself to be a reliable source for new ambient discoveries.