Breaking The Records #8

Complex beat patterns, slamming kicks, chopped up samples, gritty chaos… Oh yes, that’s why we love breakbeat. Here’s a couple of excellent new releases of that kind:

Nitepunk (USA) – Grounded

Kicking off with one that reaaaaally slams once it get going around the one minute mark. Big, noisy, gritty, heavy footed. Oh yes – just how we like’em.

I could have wished for a bit longer main drop segments before it winds down again. Cause it’s that chopped up, mad, bad and screaming theme we’re here for. But just as we dive into the madness it’s over again. Teasing us like a pro.

But I mean, this stuff here is the real deal. This vibe here is why I fell for the genre to begin with.

Mattheo (USA) – Feel So Free

It takes much to jump after an act like Nitepunk above, but Mattheo handles it with elegance. A lower energy level but still with that ever-important prominent kick intact.

Yes, it slams like expected and required for this genre – and then some.

It offers a more consistent flow, something that we frankly are more in favour of when it comes to dance music. But with that trippy vibe sprinkled across it makes for one sweet track not only to dance to, but just as well space out to.

And we will. And we do. Bon Voyage!

Both are added to our Spotify playlist “Breaking The Records“, where we collect only the finest breakbeat tracks as we discover them!