The Beach Lounge #30

Saturday or not – we are always up for some downtempo lounge vibes. Why? Because of tracks like these, of course!

VTZN & Catatonique (Germany/Mexico) – Darlak

This is such a cool track. The atmosphere here is just spot on what I dig in my downtempo. A rich soundscape with sparkling highs and a warm, fulfilling bass.

A solid groove underneath a not too melodic but rather hypnotic hook. With a pinch of exotic flavour sprinkled across the delicacy.

Oh yes. This is one for the repeat button.

Anastasy (Belgium) – Trésor

A higher tempo on this next one, leading us towards the dance floor.

A really bouncy, sassy house beat makes our feet starting to tap, all while the cute female vocals adds to the sensuality of this affair. But she never breaks out into lyrics, instead we are served a groover that never strays off the initial path.

Luckily, because this sure is the scenic route!

Both of these are added to our Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo, exotically vibed lounge tracks.