The Beach Lounge #31

We’ve had a few sessions lately covering the darker landscapes of electronica, so today is a good day to rise to the surface and enjoy a chill session at our prominent Beach Lounge.

Silent Cure (Denmark) – Silent Love Song

Starting off with a very ambient vibe in this creation from Denmark. My mind drift off to the original Twin Peaks soundtrack. Angelic voices, distant as they float on a sea of reverb.

And dreamy, on an almost abstract level. This is feelgood, it’s trippy, it’s… Perfect?

Oliver Henry (Australia) – Exit Points

Next up is a more beat centered track that invites to both chill and dance. At ease, soldier.

The groove is real, but at the same time so is the vibe of lazy days and not a worry in the world. It does not set out to do more than to quickly establisk draw the backdrop for the atmosphere, and maintain status quo.

And we like that. Sometimes we need a break. And this track is well suited for such a session.
So just sit back, bop your head and let your mind wander off. We got all the time in the world and nowhere is better than right here, right now.

Dennis Allen & Jerry Spoon (German/Switzerland) – Viva La Siesta

Jerry Spoon is one of the emerging masters of melodic downtempo with an oriental touch. He carries the heritage of Buddha Bar on his shoulders with ease, and can be trusted to maintan the seductive rhythms into the night. Our night.

Spoon is no stranger to collaborations and here he is in a duo with Dennis Allen. It is unclear to me who did what in this collaboration but knowing that Jerry has been playing the guitar since he was a toddler it’s safe to assume he is responsible for the hispanic string treatment on this one.

Who the sensual Spanish woman is in this recording is also a mystery.
But mystery is part of the magic of music, isn’t it?

All three are added to our chill Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the most classy lounge vibes for the classy downtempo sessions.