The Beach Lounge #32

We are really taking big jumps across the world in this edition of Beach Lounge, as we sample some downtempo goodness from Brazil, USA and Russia.

Hudsone (USA) – Beautiful Dreamer

Jazzy Bossa Nova vibes in a downtempo lounge track? Well, yes please!
I mean, that’s a winner just straight out of the gate. And Hudsone makes no shame out of that promising starting point. Quite the contrary!

Unfortunately we are not provided with any information about who the vocalist is here – and that’s unfortunate because she sure is carrying this production on her shoulders. This is actually a tendency we’ve noticed over the years – in the electronica genres it’s further and further between each time vocalists are being properly credited.
An odd practise and really quite unfair!

But let’s not let this cover the fact that this one track we’d most definitely serve at our Beach Lounge. It’s one of those cases where the tempo is quite upbeat but the gorgeous atmosphere still is chill enough for us to sit back and relax.

Organic Mood & Alexander P. (Russia) – Midnight

And we actually maintain the rather high tempo with the next track. A beautiful creation from a country it’s quite hard to write about without mentioning the ongoing war activity in eastern Europe: Russia. But I am also of the clear impression that a large share of the Russian population is just as against these acts of war as the rest of us. It’s not the Russian people attacking – it’s their leadership. I think that is fair to state.

The track holds timeless properties of Buddha Bar quality. Inspirations from across the world, melted into one gorgeous, peaceful composition. Just what we need right now.

Kurup & Jaçira (Brazil) – Espelho Prata

This final one is actually a quite different downtempo track than I usually feature under this column. It’s a clear crossover towards the more uptempo minimal house tracks of the darker nature. And I dig it.

It’s so I am itching to pitch up the speed on my decks. It would have been great re-dressed as a deep, dark club stomper.

But it works at this tempo too! In an almost unbearably sensual way – like a long foreplay.
This is perhaps one not for all lounges, but man would it work at the right club.

All three are added to our smoooth sailin’ Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo tracks as we discover them. All suitable for an excellent session at the lounge.