The Deep Lounge #31

One of my absolute favourite columns here on Beatradar is The Deep Lounge. Then I can dive into the perfectly tempered house pool – at the deep end. And come up again with three excellent suggestions for the underground DJs and house lovers alike!

Anton Allure (Denmark) – Mogul

Starting off with a quite exotic nugget of a track. A groove is quickly established, and the mechanical fundament with the eastern organic percussive sounds on top really makes an excellent contrast.

And how it stay there, down deep in the dark. Rolling, churning, luring. Seducing us.
Triggering the inner clubber in us all.

Riigs & Vegard Solbakken (UK) – Cloudburst (Steve Kelley Remix)

We are entering brighter grounds with this next one. A track with possibly a wider appeal, it still has that deep vibe the experienced clubbers amongst us crave.

And the dreamy vocals confirms yet again to me why the female voice have such a massive dominance in dance music – it simply blends so well with club beats. This one could be played anywhere from the mainstream fun pubs to the VIP lounge of many a well curated space.

I have to say though, according to the info received this is a British duo – but surely Vegard Solbakken must be a Norwegian chap?

Cross (Germany) – Monsignore

And how about this one to round off this session with? Groovy as can be, and barebones to the max.
A fine balance of having the right ingredients and ONLY that to proive that deep vibe. That’s what a perfect minimal house track is. And this track is really close to that ideal.

So much so that I’d call this a “must-buy” for any DJ that’s operating even remotely within the minimal sphere of house and techno.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, Deep Lounge, where we collect only the finest deep and minimal house vibes as we discover them.