The Progressive Underground #18

It’s been a while since we visited the underground progressive scene. So please come along! We got some good shit to show you.

YATRA (UK) – Leaving Ghara

Starting out todays session in a quite calm but oh so groovy fashion. Excellent track early in the set.

Dreamy, optimistic, harmonic. Three key words that pops up in my mind while listening. One to lift the spirit and motivate our minds for a good night.

A night we want to never end.

Tullamarine (UK) – Santa Cruise

It has a more sublime vibe, this one. More introvert. Darker. But we like the dark. The hypnotic. And this one has got that in spades.

And the progression in this production!
Again: sublime. Slowly but steadily building, and in doing so it gently sneaks under our skin. Elegantly. And stays there.

A class act of an underground house track.

D.R.K.O (USA) – All Night

Some really classic progressive vibes in this one. It’s just so lovely to hear a drive like this again. This is peak hour material!

Rock solid soundscape, perfectly mixed with a bottom that means serious business. It just sounds so FAT! It keeps pushing the groove with such a prominent confidence that we’re gonna dance.

And we do.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where we collect only the finest tracks from the underground club sphere. No cheese, guaranteed.