The Progressive Underground #19

The progressive scene seems to be quite active nowadays, with great new releases coming in quicker succession. And we love it! It is triple German in the Progressive Underground session of today.

Elso (Germany) – Scream

I’ll admit right off the bat that this is more leaning over towards techno than progressive house. But the dark, contained drive here is so suitable for a progressive set too, so I just had to include it under this banner.

It has that perfect blend of repetition and progression. It doesn’t stand still, but it has no intention to leave. And we’re not going anywhere as long as this one is rolling.

Cary Crank (Germany) – Lonely

We return to the classic progressive vibes with the next one, from mr Crank. Cranking it up to eleven (yeah, yeah I had to. I could not help myself) on the hypnotic scale, Cary show us how it should be done. Deep as can be, darker than the darkest underground club, and it just keeps going. Rolling. Hovering. Swaying, tranquilizing us as it guides us towards climax.

And that’s how we want it when it is as good as it is right here, right now.

Keef Luv (Spain) – Mystique (Cary Crank Remix)

Cary is still with us as remixer and we remain in the darker spheres with this next one from the Spanish artist Keef Luv. A rather minimal creation, few components fighting for our attention, making the arrangement ever so much more crucial to avoid it growing stale.

And it never does, here. Something changes constantly during the span of the seven minutes this track last. From the more minuscule to the overall arrangement, layers are fading in and out and reverb and EQs and filters and oh my god I am tripping.

All three are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where only the true underground grooves of a progressive nature is collected. Weekly updated!