This Is Techno #13

Three new releases on the techno scene, all in each their ways well worth considering to add to your techno sets.

Gone (France) – Control

A structured blend of acid, tech house and techno, with a pinch of classic progressive house vibes for good measure – can anything good come out of such a confusing mix? Well, apparently so, as solidly exemplified by this French act.

And considering the title of this column I do see the irony in featuring such a track, who is most definitely a crossover. I just dig it so I had to show it to you, and this is the most suitable header I could put it under.

Vily Vinilo (UK) – Deprogrammed

We let Vily Vilo guide us into the next experience, and now we are firmly at peak hour content. A classic techno club vibe going on here, one for the main halls.

Stomping like a madman, whipping the atmosphere like a gyroscope. And hey DJ: If your crowd isn’t already steaming by the time you get to this track you don’t know your craft.

Worldline & MSTRBLSTR (USA) – Inhalation

We are going for an even darker and more dramatic vibe with this final track in today’s session. Gorgeously gritty, mechanical and cold, this is one to set the futuristic cyberpunk atmosphere.

Hypnotic as can be with the core bass just rolling insistingly, while the other layers come and go. Drilling into our very souls with ice cold precision.

Trippy. I like it.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno”, where we add only the finest peak hour techno tracks as we discover them.