Ambient Universe #96

Ambient is apparently big in the US, judging by the share of submissions I receive in this genre. But Europe is also represented in this edition of Ambient Universe – an edition more bright and melodic than usual. We need that now.

Loops & Loops (USA) – Dissolution of Memory

First out a track that according to the artists “explores degradation of memory during a dream”. I like that idea.

The track itself is borderline too melodic for what I usually pick for this column, though. But there’s no denying the hypnotic, peaceful and utterly harmonic vibe this one sends.

And, looking at the current events for us in the western world at this point in time, that’s a vibe that we most definitely need, maybe more than anything else.

Prospector Sound (UK) – Laguna

… So we continue that vibe with this next one, from the UK. A track that indeed triggers mental images of a lagune. Hidden, calm, peaceful.

It also definitely has something very familiar to it. Not a copy but it reminds me of the soundtrack of my very first MMORPG: Anarchy Online. And man, that triggers a mad stack of good memories in me.

A gorgeous track, plain and simple. A healthy reminder for a guy like me whose focus is on the darker, less melodic types of the genre. We really should not totally ignore this branch of the wonderful world of ambient.

Rahikka (USA) – Space Between Memories VII

… that said, there is something about the darker ambient vibes that is so irresistible for me.

Not that I’m saying this one is pitch black – it’s not – but definitely more so than the first two.

And the sheer distance in the soundscape of this piece, the openness, takes me into space. The dead, endlessly vast space.

I feel small with these tracks. And that feels cosy. Alone, in a shuttle, hibernating. Barely awake. Drifting… Drifting…

… zzz.

All three are added to our gorgeous Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated!