Ambient Universe #97

Ukraine, USA and Russia. Sometimes real world events seem to also sneak into the column of a music blog. But that’s coincidentally the three countries we’ve picked new releases from in this edition of Ambient Universe. And I’ll try my best to keep the war out of this.

58918012 (Ukraine) – Secret Prayer

We’ve covered 58918012 before, and I am sure we’ll do so again. Because the darkness over their work is just plain irresistible for me.

There’s something about ambient music with a very low level of melodic components that just works so well with me. 58918012 delivers a massive soundscape. Intense. Borderline too energetic for our column. But it never crosses that line. Instead we are served a calm and endlessly deep space of shades and whispers.

As Clouds Form (USA) – Shade From an Ancient Sun

From the USA we are served a delicate arrangement that gives instant associations to wind chimes in a faint breeze.
Fragile, tender, and utterly beautiful.

Metawaves (Russia) – Breathedge

Soft. That’s the word that first springs to mind when I am to describe this track. So soft, the sound of these synths. Like large summer clouds, slowly crossing our horizon.

Majestic. Harmonic. At peace.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where they join company with what we consider to be the best new ambient music. Weekly updated!