The Ambient Universe #98

Sunday – the original regular day for our ambient column. Since then we’ve spread out more across the weekdays, but there’s still something special about spending a Sunday listening to ambient. Here’s two great new releases.

Tom Ashbrook (UK) – Klass (Robot Koch remix)

I’m not entirely sure what goes on in the background here but I do dare go out on a limb and suggest it is a shimmer effect on a piano that is making the fragmented, fragile background in this fascinating piece.

Add to that a hint of detune and we get a rustic, unique atmosphere that lifts this composition up to more abstract, trippy grounds.

I am yet to have heard the original version of this track but would assume much of the above is from the hands of the remixer, Robot Koch.

And the result – whoever deserves most of the honour – is really something quite special.
A great addition to our ambient collection.

Be Still The Earth & Lauge (USA/Denmark) – Depth of Field

Ah! Lauge! It’s been a while since we’ve covered this popular Danish ambient composer. Here he has teamed up with an American colleague, and the result is… Well, it’s quite Lauge, to be honest.
His hallmark long looooong airy pads in endless tails of reverb, the carefully crafted harmonics in slow movement? Oh yeah, it’s all there.

And you know, that’s why we love Lauge. He is the royal provider of dream clouds.

I had to to look a bit more into Be Still The Earth too, and while exploring his catalogue I can totally hear why these two gentlemen found reasons to cooperate, because we have the same peaceful atmospheres found there.

So, if you’re into Lauge (and who isn’t?) then you really should check out this gentleman too – there’s gold to be found.

Both of these are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, Ambient Universe, where we collect only the finest examples of new ambient releases.