The Bass Monsters #6

It’s not often we feature Leftfield Bass on Beatradar, but the more delightful it is when I do get the chance to throw a pair of bass monsters at ya. And these two are wild.

Tony Turn Up (USA) – HYDW

You know, when I listen to these kind of tracks I physically get goosebumps. I just madly dig those slow wubs. But at the same time, while sitting there tripping like a schoolkid over the madness of it all, the adult me suddenly asks: What exactly is this kind of music USED for, other than having folks trip out in their headsets?

I mean, are there clubs playing bass music as slow as these? Surely there must be – but how do they DANCE to these things? I’m sure youtube would give me that answer pretty fast, but I rather enjoy imagining it myself.

And what I see in my head is a twisted, free form type of spasms across a dirty, dark club. Cyberpunks, enjoying the latest chemicals.

I want it no other way.

Saka (USA) – Masamune

The next one is actually a tad more “traditionally” structured than what I usually go for. But the bass is real, and the atmosphere here is just so… Gorgeous. Dark, dramatic. Futuristic. Urban. Gritty.

And that takes me again to that universe pictured above, of a cyberpunk setting. I think there are few genres more suitable for that specific subgenre of sci-fi.

We’ve covered Saka before, and with good reason. This is one artist whose catalogue is well worth exploring.

Both of these charmingly ugly bass monsters are found on our Spotify playlist, “Bass Monsters“, the place we stash the good stuff as we discover it.