The Beach Lounge #33

Three new tracks for the chill sessions, three releases that would blend perfectly with the crowd at our imaginary beach lounge.

TÖME (Canada) – Hold You

We open the ball with this gem from Canada. The French-Canadian artist Töme is already rewarded at the Juno awards last summer, and is now out with her third album, “LÖV”.

And from that album we get this great percussive affair with clear references to her African heritage. A groovy, yet constrained and low-key vibe that breaks out into a dancehall vibe with Yaba Buluku Boys’ vocal contribution.

(PS: It seems the Spotify profile for “Töme” is dead, and her release is found under “Tome”. A management error?)

Pashh (UK) – Thoughts

This next one just totally takes me back to the happy days of the early 90s. Massive Attack, anyone? Big synth strings, percussive loops, there’s even some acid sounds thrown in: Another hallmark of the 90s. Such a retro vibe!
Or maybe “timeless” is a better description?

Either way, the result of this symphonic house experience is a chill, harmonic, peaceful vibe that is velvet to the ears. It could really just go on forver, just the string chords.

Kirkinson (Russia) – I’m Falling

And finally, a track that really pulls us into that sedate, dreamy mental state as we enter in that layer between conciousness and unconciousness, where everything just floats slowly.

Topped with gorgeous vocals and a laid back drum track, this is one for the lazy sessions.

“Stay with me”, she says. And we grab her hands and drift off. Off, into the sunset.

If I am to put my finger on something, I think the beat is mixed a bit too upfront here. But apart from that, this is a flawless trip.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“, where all the tracks we’d play at our beach lounge is collected as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one valuable source for new, great house tracks of the relaxed kind.