The Beach Lounge #34

Two new downtempo releases that’s made me realise how much I miss summer. So join me in enjoying these tracks, chill out and just feel fine. You deserve it.

Equanimous & Koresma (USA) – Cloud Beach

We’ve featured Koresma multiple times under this column. One could definitely say he’s a regular at our bar.

An for good reasons! He compose the beat driven, club vibed chill-out tracks that fits our imaginary Beach Lounge perfectly.

This time he’s teamed up with Equanimous, another name earlier featured. And when you combine two forces like that you get a result that doesn’t do their production any disservice at all.
Another harmonic, dreamy creation from the USA.

Zuso (Australia) – Atlas

And Zuso doesn’t break the established dreamy vibe, despite the increased tempo. Quite the contrary, it extends the mental state we’re in.

A light, mild and warm atmosphere. Like walking barefoot in sand a summer evening. Never to take any surprising turns, it maintains the velocity as it glides across the landscape.

A landscape of exclusive guests mingling at a secluded outdoor establishment. Flirting eyes, seductive body language. Colourful drinks, a mild breeze in the air.

A perfect evening at our Beach Lounge.

Both of these findings are added to our Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo club tracks as we discover them. Turn on, chill out and just feel fine. You deserve it.