The Deep Lounge #33

Two great new releases from the deep side of the house pond, that’s what we have on the menu for you today. One Danish and one… From Russia.

Rantzau (Denmark) – Time To Go

This track is such a pleasant listen. A warm, soft bass delivers the groove on this melodic affair – an affair complete with angelic voices and trippy comfort aplenty.

I hear waves towards a mediterranian beach, flirty glances over sweet drinks at an elegant lounge. I hear relaxed atmosphere amongst friends, soft words and even softer pillows. I hear the kind of vibe we never want to end.

I hear the meaning of life.

Molvie (Russia) – Phoenix

Right now at this point in time I hope the russian people don’t rush out to hit the dance floors, but take it to the streets to stop the act of war against Ukraine. The few reports we get from this country does indicate that it happens, but to what scale is hard to get a solid impression of.

It’s hard to tell if the Russian people has any means to influence their leaders at all. My impression is that it’s very limited, but there will always be power in numbers.

Both are added to our elegant Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge” where we collect only the finest house tracks with that correct groove we crave.