The Deep Lounge #34

Time to return to our favourite place to dwell, to the place where the beats are deep and the lounge is pretty!

Marcovits (Israel) – Opaque

Marcovits describes this track as “Beach sunset vibes”. And one thing is sure; we’d want to be at that sunset party.

A mild, gentle groove, enough to wake us up from that lazy day in the sun, but without stressing us out.

We could perhaps have wished for a bit more of the stripped down segments at the expense of the main hook, but a solid track it is.

Laydee V (Czech Republic) – Mirage

This label, PL7, release so much solid deep grooves it’s really quite impressive. So also this time, from an artist from the Czech Republic!

Veronika learned the art of djing at a dj school in Sydney. In 2010 Laydee V started spinning at clubs in London which in turn took her to Ibiza, Bermuda, USA, Spain, Romania, Italy, Mauritius and Mexico. Yeah, she’s been around.

And this track really demonstrates why. She’s understand what makes that special vibe. The true deep club groove:
Never too much, but nothing’s missing.

Both are added to our Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge”, where all our recent favourites of recently released deep house grooves are collected. Weekly updated!