The Progressive Underground #20

I’ll go more melodic than usual in today’s edition of Progressive Underground. If progressive tracks that crosses over towards tech house and progressive trance is your cup of tea, read on!

Lucky Choice (Ukraine) – Freedom

It’s really hard to comment on releases from Ukrainian artists these days, without commenting on the current horrific scenes that plays out in their country. Especially when the title of the track is as it is here.

But I’ll focus on the track this time. And here’s a crossover between progressive trance, tech house and progressive house that really creates a very condensed wall of sound. Far from minimal, it still remains full focus on the groove. And that’s actually quite the achievement with a soundscape as filled as this one.

A great track. Surely one that must sound totally epic on a large PA.

Amir CJLO (Canada) – Perfect Circle

We continue much in the same veins as with the above track, in that it’s quite a melodic affair with a very very complete soundscape. A formidable wall of awesomeness.

Very synth-centric, this one. More so than what I typically pick.
But the darkness of it all, and the utterly crisp and tasty mix made it irresistible.

Ken Bauer (Sweden) – I Just Wanna Rave

We stay consistent on the more melodic vibes, as promised. And it has an undeniable retro vibe, this one. Both with the fat sawtooth synths (Benassi, anyone?) and vocal it samples takes us back to a time when life seemed simpler.

And I mean – why should that be a bad thing? It’s not, when it sounds like this.

If this track doesn’t trigger good memories in you, you’re either not really been clubbing over the last couple of decades, or you’re simply not old enough.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where I collect only the fattest progressive tracks as I discover them. Weekly updated!