The Progressive Underground #21

It’s double Russian in today’s edition of The Progressive Underground. Yes, we are aware of the world events (who isn’t) but that is not the Russian people to blame.
And to start the ball we have an Indian producer: Pratim!

Pratim (India) – Mawrth Vallis

It’s just so great to discover tracks like these, who holds on to that real progressive house vibe. That dark, slamming, rock solid groove. And Pratim has included vocals from what must be an Indian vocalist, something that for our western ears adds a gorgeous exotic vibe to it all.

And the way this track builds, and builds and just keeps going! Irresistible. That’s this is.

One Rock State (Russia) – So Had

We’ve featured One Rock State before, and with good reason. There’s just something about the way he builds and maintain the grooves that clicks so totally with me.

This is how I want club music to be! Dark, sincere, insisting. But not too eager, not with a bag full of cheap tricks. No, it’s the low riding groove that wins me over.

It’s just perfect for a club floor.

Perfect, I say.

One Rock State (Russia) – Prerna

And that same deep groove continues on this next track. This time One Rock State takes us to a world music vibed journey.
Our mind is infused with mental images of exotic flavours and seductive curves under a hot sun.

And it has that same arrangement that this producer has so totally nailed. There’s a constant movement between layers and arrangements. There’s always something going on. It’s always changing to something else.

Like a snake across Arabian dunes.

All three are found on our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, a tour de force across new, great progressive house. Weekly updated!