The Underground House Bunker #16

Let’s head down to our underground cave – where the glaring sun of mainstream never reach. Where the real clubbers dance in unison adoration to the underground club beats.

Josh Butler (UK) – Final Adjustments

There’s such a classic minimal house groove on this one. I can’t do anything but smile as my memory drifts off to great club nights over the last couple of decades. Groovy as can be while firmly sticking to the underground lane.

And it just keeps going. Cruising confidently on the established groove, it rolls and grooves like a natural born dancer.

Thomas Klipps & Anina Owly (Germany) – It’s a Vibe

While remaining on the minimal vibe we now head over to the techno side of things. And this is indeed not a bad place to hang either.

Proper peak hour material, this one pushes all the right buttons. The vocal samples are perfect for the track, as is every other component featured in this multilayered composition. The result is an utterly hypnotic, endlessly deep and utterly catchy track.

If this one doesn’t at the very least make your head bop, you must ask yourself if you the underground scene is for you at all.

Both of these are added to our Spotify playlist “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the best from the true underground club scene. You simply won’t find a better source for new discoveries.