The Underground House Bunker #17

This column is kind of the little brother of our “Deep Lounge” column. The tracks that’s still deep, but with a higher energy and more house bunker vibed. Here’s three great new tracks of that kind.

Deeper Purpose (UK) – Stop Trippin’

Ah man, this track here is just so… PLAYFUL! And it manages to maintain that genuine underground vibe while at the same time being accessible as fuck.

I mean, if any underground club track can be called an “entry level”, meaning noob friendly, this is it!

But that doesn’t mean it’s nothing for us old timers. Oh no, quite the contrary. This makes us all clinch our jaws and groove with’em all.

Ain’t no trippin’ gonna stop here anytime soon!

Vanilla John (Sweden) – VAMOS DISCOTECA

And speaking of playful… Now we cross that border and go straight over to deep comedy land. I mean, there’s not a syllable meant to be taken serious to be found here.

But it’s a cool track! Sure, it’s perhaps not the track you keep running on repeat, but not every track needs to be. This is a great break to drop in a set just for the fun of it.
A well suited track for a surprise fun break in your DJ session.

Bombays (USA) – Veins

Spoken words in club tracks have always had a strange attraction on me. It’s just so… Cool. A wonderful atmosphere is often spun out of such a vocal track. Generally speaking I am not a fan of vocals in club tracks at all, but as spoken words it kind of saves it from entering mainstream grounds.

And how about the bass here? Oh my god, the BASS! Goosebumps on every square centimetre here as I write this.

Yeah. This is the track I hope to find rolling the next time I enter a club.

All three are added to our quite groovy, solid underground Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“. Weekly updated!