This Is Techno #14

We go deep, dark and delicious in this edition of This Is Techno. Three tracks that each in their own ways illustrate why this genre always will be one to keep an eye on for all underground club crawlers.

Bostock (UK) – Initialize

Here’s a gorgeously deep, dark, minimal techno groove that I just simply plain love.

In fact I’ll just say it: It’s the best techno track I’ve heard in many years. And I am not exaggerating now. It’s bloody PERFECT as far as I am concerned.

The progression is elegantly present throughout the whole track, a minimal construction on rusty spikes – but with so much juice! And the underground vibe is so real. So authentic. So legit.

This is a great example of a track that needs to be played loud. It deserves to.
And we deserve to be there when it happens.

Zen Zero (USA) – Escape From Detroit

We remains underground (as we should!) with this next one, who offer a lot more hectic atmosphere. Things are on fire and we gotta escape.

As the artist describes the project: “This summer in Detroit we were hit with massive amounts of flooding due to our poor infrastructure. Because of this, many people including myself, were trapped in the city with no way to get home, and had to abandon our cars on the freeway. This lead to the concept of the song, I decided to make a song revolving around the idea of Detroit being a post-apocalyptic city that needed to be fled from.”

I would say mission accomplished: The darkness and drama of the track totally fits such a scenario.

Fire between us & Kepp (Netherlands) – The Hoax

Peak hour. That’s what this track is for. An explosion of energy.

Now, I have to admit that I don’t like techno that is too hard. The ever-important groove is then sacrified on the altar of hardness. Here though, it never tips over on that scale. The groove is intact and the message is clear:

Time to go mental.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where we collect only the finest tracks for the techno clubs we want to hang at. Weekly updated!