Ambient Universe #99

We are diving into the wonderful world of long pads and slowly evolving harmonics again. Here’s three great new ambient releases.

AOI (Japan) – my child is getting closer to the moonlight

Sometimes, all we need is a calm track of a formula that’s as old as the genre itself: Long pads in slowly evolving harmonics, with sounds of nature as the backdrop.

That’s exactly what this track is, and it holds all those mental images that countless tracks has provided before it. But it doesn’t matter. Because we love this scenery. Always will.

Letsko (Canada) – Aki

… So let’s continue on much of that same formula with this next one, from Canada. A vast landscape, pads overlapping, all quiet, no sudden movements.

The only thing that’s hard with these kind of tracks (from a bloggers perspective), is to come up with a lot to say about them. They are just meant to be… Enjoyed. And we do.

Dapper Blob (USA) – From Shadow

I round off this session with sending you to my personal favourite part of the ambient landscape: The darker parts.

Here’s a track that in essence follows the same formula as the above two, only instead of bright and soothing sounds of nature he drapes the background with white noise – a dead radio frequency? And the pads have a more hollow, darker texture.

And that makes all the difference. The scenery is no longer a sunset and exotic fragrances but rather an introvert, abstract darkness.

And I ‘ve been playing this one on repeat five times now. I feel at ease.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated, this list has proven itself to be a reliable source for new discoveries. Explore strange new worlds!