The Beach Lounge #35

Two selections for today, as I dive into the stack of recently released downtempo tracks. Two that features an interesting contrast that makes all the difference.

Skysia (USA) – Kailasa (Morillo Remix)

This bass driven remix is just so… HAWT (do the kids still call it that?). A gorgeous blend of really quite brutal bass underneath a bright, melodic and mellow affair. I love that contrast.

And as a music producer myself, tracks like these inspires me to aim for a more contrasting arrangement. It’s so effective!

And it’s really well done here. The bass is something I wish I could EAT. The mix is also spot on. There’s obviously a reason why Skysia has 150.000 monthly listeners.

DJones (Germany) – Feeling More Alive

Here’s a quite different track from what I usually pick under this column. More synth-pop than usual. It’s really quite retro, this one.

But there’s something about the overall vibe of the track, and the gorgeous contrast of the male and female vocals that drew me in.

Yeah, I’d play this one at our Beach Lounge.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new chill tracks, perfect for those soothing Beach Lounge evenings.