The Beach Lounge #36

Elegant new chill tracks are released every week and here’s a couple we picked from the stream, worthy of being played at our imaginary beach lounge. So sit back, relax, and let yourself drift into their soundscape.

Jerry Spoon (Switzerland) – Hidden Mind

We’ve quite recently covered Jerry, and I am sure we will again. One of the masters of the clubby chill tracks. Often with an elegant touch of exotic flavours.

Not so much so here, though. I perceive this track as a tad colder, more electronic texture than those we covered earlier. But it is only nice to hear an artist branch out towards slightly different vibes at times. In fact I prefer it that way.

That said, he’s still firmly planted on the downtempo side of things. The cowbells very much present, and with a cool vocal surfing on top there’s really not much lacking in this elegant creation.

Palk (Singapore) – Tharana

Singapore-based duo Palk aims for a synthesis of Organic tribal music, South Asian music and Electronica to create their signature sound.

And if there’s one thing I love in my downtempo tracks, it’s this mix of eastern influences. By all means, it’s effective in most warm, organic house genres but with chillout vibes it’s something really special, according to this bloggers opinion.

But using such elements do also run the danger of turning out to be something rather cliché if done wrong. Luckily we are far from that here. Instead we are served a pretty unique sound and a track that could be a definite highlight of a downtempo DJ set.

We look forward to hear more from Palk!

Both tracks today can be found on our really quite good Spotify playlist (if we are allowed to say so ourselves), “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new tracks suitable for an elegant lounge session.