The Deep Lounge #35

I have two deep rollers in today’s edition of Deep Lounge. Two tracks that spins up that minimal, deep underground groove. No House DJs should miss out on these!

Sames (Germany) – Control

Oh yes. Talk about starting deep. That bass makes your subwoofer happy, for sure. And with that cool voice on top, it’s really all we need for a good time.

Sames is perfectly aware of that.

A dark, damp, smooth track, a perfect starter. Or to spice up a set dominated by instrumental grooves.

F3LIX A. (Italy) – Black Mirror

Next up is such a groover from a gentleman we’ve covered twice before, F3lix A. Here he’s back with one of those that just keeps rolling. We love those. No big surprises along the way, this is all about maintaining the groove.

And what a groove it is. Gorgeously minimal arrangement, it carries a lot of classic house vibes as well as being seductively timeless.

This is one track that will work in your DJ set today, tomorrow and next year.

Both are added to our gorgeous Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge”, where we collect only the finest, deepest house grooves.